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Supporting educators with map technology & geography content since 1990

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Classroom Products

High quality geography products for the classroom. From globes to wall maps, atlases to games, Mapszu offers a wealth of products to help put your classroom on the map. Signup today for our educators discount!


The most comprehensive, cross curricular, K-12, online resource for Geography, History, Earth Science, English Language Arts, Spanish and more. Introduce interactive content to your students today.

Educational Publishing

Creating high quality publishing materials for educational markets including print maps for textbooks, interactive maps, software development, white-label software, atlas development, and academic content creation.

Field Trip Library

Field Trips give students consistent repeated exposure to location. This is a no-cost virtual field trip collection that all students can take. No permission slips, no bus schedules, and it enables our students to become global citizens.

Geography News Network

Help students develop their geographic literacy and critical thinking skills with our engaging current event articles covering global culture, natural phenomena, history, sports, biographies and politics.

Geography Games

Engage your brain with geography games that test your knowledge: learn US States, countries of the world, capitals, flags, continents, islands, oceans and more with entertaining games that educate while your play!