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Utilize our gorgeous maps to raise funds, share your successes, and present the area that your organization supports.

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Donor Mapping

Plan out your development and advancement campaigns by understanding who and where your donors are from. Seek out new donors just like your existing audience by strategically planning events, marketing, and fund-raising drives in their vicinity.

Custom Maps

Help raise funds by educating the public about your cause wit a custom map that shows where events are taking place. Create a powerful visual reference to add context to your story.

Service Areas

Present the areas that your organization supports, to focus interest, target relief efforts, and strategize on how to maximize the benefits and effects of every dollar raised. Encourage engagement with interactive print and digital maps for strategizing and actualizing your 2019 strategy.

The employees of Morristown Medical Center are really enjoying the local map with nearby destinations that many of our patients and visitors request when here at the hospital. All of the sites were requested by our own hospital staff’s questions from patients and visitors. We have the very attractive and easy-to-read map in our lobbies as well as in our welcome packets that patients receive upon admission. We are so grateful for the opportunity to partner with an organization so dedicated to helping those in need of assistance at an often stressful time. Many thanks!

– Elizabeth Upham, Morristown, Medical Center Atlantic Health