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2023 International Map Day



February 3rd, 2023

Great Underwater Explorers

The age of invention, marine science, and sunken archeology

Cousteau, Ballard, and deGruy

"Here at Mapszu, we love to celebrate maps.
What better way to celebrate than to give Maps their own day!”


This Year's New Celebratory Map: Great Underwater Explorers

A first in map-making, this year's contribution to International Map Day from Mapszu marks the top 10 great underwater explorations of Cousteau, Ballard, and DeGruy., both in a full-scale wall map as well as within a digital story map.

Travel with us into the deep of invention, marine science, and sunken archeology of these 30 famous dives!

Deep Sea Exploration Story Map

with Cousteau, Ballard, and DeGruy

Take a virtual journey through our modern age of exploring the Earth under its seas. Through the work of oceanographers, ocean archaeologists, and filmmakers, the deep blue waters are revealing their mysteries.

30 Famous
Dive Sites

Ocean Maps

Shaded relief, ocean floor, bathysphere,
physical maps of the Earth's oceans rich in
detail and color.


Shipwreck Maps

Artistically illustrated shipwreck reference maps of locations, depth, and historical stories of how they came to rest on the ocean floor.


Dive Maps

Maps of top world dive sites inclusive of coastline, location names, dive site names, and fish and reef creature illustrations.


Featured Explorers of Previous International Map Day Releases

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