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Invest in Our Planet

What Would Early Ecological Explorers

Bougainville, Humboldt, and Darwin

Say About this Year's Earth Day Call to Action to Invest in Our Planet?

The abundance of nature's species to be discovered at the time Bouganville’s, Humboldt’s, and Darwin’s explorations is a disappearing attribute of our planet.


Earth Day Story Map

Maps101, the online education division of Mapszu, sees the reallocation of funds for investing in our planet as coming from divestment away from polluting industries. Divestment, the selling of assets or the withdrawal of funding for a project, is represented in the Environmental Divestment Story Map. Examples in the story map from around the globe include: The Dakota Access Pipeline, Canadian Tar Sands, Pebble Gold Mine, Big Ag in the Amazon Rainforest, Palm Oil Plantations, and Australian Coal.


We are currently living through a mass extinction event, the largest known loss of species ever. The speed with which this mass extinction has occurred appears to be the result of human activity. "Scientists estimate that we are losing 10,000 times more species per year than the normal rate." - The World Counts

In response to species decline and global heating, Kathleen Rogers, President of aims for people, governments, and business to invest in our planet and to direct “all of our attention to creating a 21st century economy that brings back the healing and health of our planet, protects all of our species, including our own, and provides opportunities for everyone on the planet.”

Early Ecological Explorers
Story Map

Less than a moment ago in the lifespan of the Earth...


World's Endangered Species Map

A recent report finds that animal populations worldwide have declined by 70% over the last 50 years, due to human consumption, urbanization, population growth, and trade increases.

Early Ecological Explorers:
Bougainville, Humboldt, And Darwin

This map represents the progressive creation of the science of ecology, tracing the 17th, 18th, and 19th century routes of Louis Antoine de Bougainville, Alexander von Humboldt, and Charles Darwin as they explored where humanity fits in within the natural world.


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Restore Our Earth: Published for Earth Day 2021