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Maps101 Has Maps, of Course -- Lots of Them!!!

Posted on November 21 2021

Maps101 Has Maps, of Course  --  Lots of Them!!!



Dear Educator,

We’ve been highlighting our wide variety of content lately, but let’s not forget about the thousands of maps your subscription provides for you. Atlases, history maps, interactive maps, and more are housed on Maps101. Let’s take a look at some interesting maps!



Maps For Elementary Students



Let’s start with an example for our youngest learners. This map shows a typical community to help them begin to understand maps and apply mapping skills. This map is ideal for showing students the connection of jobs and workers in a community. Help students discover what types of people live and work in these buildings.




GNN Junior Maps



Continuing the theme of younger learners, did you know that we have our exclusive Geography News Network Article for junior audiences, too? Well, we do! This map shows what Walt Disney World looked like at its opening in 1971 and compares it to today's layout. Students will have no difficulty recognizing how much the beloved theme park has grown since its beginnings.




Antique Maps



Students will no doubt be surprised when they see this early, antique map of Houston! What would Sam Houston think today, if he saw the city? Our antique map collection includes numerous historical views for students to compare and contrast with today's modern cityscapes.




Earth Science Maps



Your subscription to Maps101 includes a broad range of maps ideal for the science classroom. This up-to-date map will help students see the countries with the greatest amount of energy consumption. Have them speculate on why these countries are especially high energy users. 




History Maps



One of the biggest stories for the United States, after becoming independent from Great Britain, was its expansion westward to take up the continent from the Atlantic Ocean, where the early colonies were, all the way west to the Pacific Ocean. We have textbooks-worth of history maps, both for the U.S and the world. Where in time will you and your students explore?




Outline Maps



Imagine having a library of blank outline maps with which to quiz your students…. You don’t have to imagine; you have them with your Maps101 subscription. From continents to countries and historical events, these outline maps allow you to quiz students or customize for your needs.




This is a small sampling of the maps you have at your fingertips, to print out or project on the board, or any other way you need them. With Maps101 we are more than just maps, but we do have a lot of maps!!!!




High-quality geography products for the classroom. From globes to wall maps, atlases to games, offers a wealth of products to help put your classroom on the map.




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