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Learning About COVID with Maps101

Posted on June 27 2021

Learning About COVID with Maps101

Dear Educators,

While America starts to recover from the pandemic, its effects are still being felt. Students may have questions about COVID. Since the pandemic, our staff has been covering issues related to COVID. Compiled together, you can see what you can review with your students to help their learning as they live through a historical event.

Geography News Network

A good place to start is with our exclusive GNN article “What Is Coronavirus?,” which can help students understand the basics. Although restrictions have been lifted in some parts of the country since this article was published, the basic advice from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is still sound. Even with a vaccine, there is no absolute guarantee that you will not get the virus. The vaccine is meant to help minimize the effects of the virus to avoid serious complications. 

Geography News Network

While many students are on summer break, not all are. Summer classes and year-round schools require that students still manage their schoolwork from home. By the start of the next school year, it is unclear whether students will all be back in classrooms. Some may still be meeting virtually. Use this article to help students learn how to manage working from home. There could be some tips in there that you could benefit from too!

Lesson Map

Our exclusive Lesson Map “Healthcare in the United States” takes a look at this hot topic that became even more hot when the pandemic revealed the issues America has with healthcare. This Lesson Map focuses on answering the following Essential Questions:

  • What is private healthcare compared to public healthcare?
  • Why is healthcare expensive in the U.S.?
  • What is the Affordable Care Act?
  • Why are people debating vaccinations?
  • What impact will COVID have on healthcare in the U.S.?

Using dynamic images and text, this Lesson Map provides all of the content needed for students to be able to answer these questions and more. To teach the lesson, we also provide a teacher wraparound edition with point-of-use suggestions for teaching the material and engaging student interest. Each teacher version also includes leveling for remediation, ELL, and extending the content for gifted and talented.

Geography News Network

Of course, COVID is a global pandemic. It has not just affected the United States. This GNN article addresses India’s troubles with the crisis. Today, India is recovering, however, experts have warned of waves of cases. Students should be reminded that the issues are global and that until the pandemic is eradicated, there could still be waves such as that seen in India.

Geography News Network

In 2021, the Indianapolis 500 car race took place, although it had a much smaller audience than it typically does. The prior year, because of the pandemic, it had no audience at all. Read this article from 2020 to see how the pandemic affected the world of sports. The Summer Olympics in Tokyo had to be postponed a year. They are scheduled to begin July 23, 2021. 



SEL Activity: Social Awareness This week’s newsletter contains content that is ideal for focusing on the Social and Emotional Learning competency of social awareness. COVID has been a major test of the public’s SEL skills. Ask students to choose one of the articles and have them identify how this topic addresses social awareness. Remind them that according to the CASEL Framework for SEL, social awareness involves “the abilities to understand the perspectives of and empathize with others, including those from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and contexts.” 

Forming Opinions Have students review the Lesson Map on healthcare in America. Then, have them pair up to debate private vs public healthcare. Have students argue for one side or the other. When done, they can switch sides. Then, have them write a paragraph explaining what they believe is the best option for providing healthcare in America, and why.

Asking and Answering Questions After reviewing all of the material in this newsletter, what other questions do students have about COVID? Have them write down questions they have and use them as the start of an outline for their own GNN article. Either have them write simply an outline of an article they would submit to be written, or have them write a complete, mock GNN article, based on answering their own questions.

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