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Difficult Conversations in the Name of Change

Posted on June 15 2020

Difficult Conversations in the Name of Change

The more important and sensitive the conversation, the harder it can be to have it. As people, we sometimes try not to rock the boat, but when things really need to change, that isn’t going to work.

As teachers, helping students find their voice is of paramount importance, now more than ever. However, that isn’t the starting place for most of us. The starting place is listening. We need to learn to listen and understand before sharing our opinions. While we are completely entitled to any opinion we have, wouldn’t the world be a better place if we taught our next generation to pause, listen, and educate themselves before forming and sharing those opinions?

This week’s content collection aims to help you guide your students through contextual acquisition, as well as have the conversations that might be hard but really matter.

Major Civil Rights Events

Understanding history can help us make better decisions in the present day. This map and the accompanying lesson plan highlight the events of the Civil Rights movement in the 1950s and ‘60s. What can your students learn from that time? How can we use the experiences of previous generations to make better decisions and create a better world today?

Leading Through Safety to Greatness

The most valuable thing teachers can do to teach students that skill, is to model it. It is a human trait to look up to our leaders not just for explicit direction but also for an example of what’s right. By demonstrating what’s expected, we create a safe space for our students to follow our lead. It starts with us. This TED talk from Simon Sinek talks about how important it is for leaders to create a sense of safety. Creating a safe space to be brave with your ideas or thoughts is so important in classrooms, virtual or physical.

Geography News Network
Protesting and the First Amendment

Being able to tie current events to historical information or more evergreen lessons helps our students develop context around their world. There have been few more powerful times to learn about the First Amendment than now. The protests that have started since George Floyd’s murder have millions around the world exercising their right to stand up in the face of what’s wrong. This article discusses the legal, historical, and political context around the protests happening throughout our nation.

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