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How are Maps Used Today?

Posted on January 09 2012

It seems that the traditional road map is slowly disappearing from common use. Ever since the invention of GPS, people have relied on those little computer screens to get where they need to go. That is fine for finding a local address, but it does a great disservice to anyone who likes to travel around the United States.

A map of USA is an incredibly comprehensive tool that covers the entire nation from coast to coast. Depending on the map that you purchase, you can get a great deal of detail or a general look at how the states are related to each other. One of the great things about having a full-sized map is that it gives a wide angle view of our country.

You can easily track the route you need to take between any two cities in the United States. You can see the different highways and byways that will get you to your destination. Sometimes, you can choose to take county or local roads instead of jumping on a super-highway. Every map is different, but most will show all of the major roads that criss-cross the country.

A map is also a great teaching tool for children. One can play a game with their kids and see if they can point out Virginia or Ohio and if they can find the capital of a particular state. Give an 8 year the position of navigator and he or she will be more involved in a long car trip.

Another place besides the car where a map often appears is in the classroom. It is a great visual aid when trying to teach a class about the United States. A teacher can get a map that is not labeled and ask each student to write the name of each state in the proper space. Be careful because nobody can fit the words into the State of Rhode Island.

Folding a big map can sometimes be a bit of a challenge. Because it can extend 4 or 5 feet wide, it must be folded in the right order so it will fit neatly into your hand. Maps always start out crisp and new, but somehow, they wind up being folded in the wrong way and they also tend to tear pretty easily. Thankfully, maps only cost about $5.00 and you can replace them when they become old and tattered.

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