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Major League Baseball Tour 2016 – Progressive Field

Posted on November 22 2016

Major League Baseball Tour

Oakland Athletics
Cleveland Indians

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Flip this card to see the score of the game!


Cleveland Indians- 6
Oakland Athletics- 3

Cleveland Indians WIN!



    32,850 fans


    2 hours 39 minutes


    Progressive Field, Cleveland, Ohio


    76 degrees, partly cloudy

Did you know?

As we travel from one Major League Baseball stadium to the next, we are really enjoying how each stadium is completely different and has its own character, history, and architecture. Here are a few of the unusual facts about Progressive Field that we found especially interesting.

Facts Unique to
Progressive Field

Heritage Park

  • Located in the center field area, Heritage Park is available to fans before, during, and after games, as well as available for special events throughout the season. The two-tiered monument park honors the greatest names in club history and celebrates the Indians’ most memorable moments.


  • Capacity: 35,225 fans
  • Mascot:
  • Stadium opened April 2, 1994

More than just a game.

Professional baseball in Cleveland is one of the city’s oldest traditions, dating back to 1869. There is a passionate connection between the city of Cleveland and the Indians, as they are a study in revival. Both are working, living examples of the power of teamwork, conviction, and dedication.

Historians are certain to identify the year 1994 as a significant time in the renaissance of the city of Cleveland. And it is the Gateway Sports and Entertainment Complex, consisting of Progressive Field, the home of the Indians, and Quicken Loans Arena, the home of the Cavs, that will be remembered as the crowning jewel in the city’s ever-changing urban landscape.

The Cleveland Indians organization and the Gateway Economic Development Corporation worked closely to fund, design, and build a world-class facility created expressly for baseball, specifically for Cleveland, and most importantly, with the fans’ “total experience” in mind.

Progressive Field is an urban ballpark in the truest sense, both architecturally and aesthetically. Built within the physical boundaries of three main streets in downtown Cleveland (Ontario to the west, Carnegie to the south, and E. 9th Street to the east), Progressive Field offers a fan-friendly facility featuring an intimate environment.

The seats at Progressive Field are among the most comfortable in the game, with more leg room due to wider aisles. In addition, better elevation between rows means clear and unobstructed sight lines to the field. A truly unique feature at Progressive Field is the angled seating sections. Located just beyond the dugouts in both the lower and upper decks, the seats are angled 8 to 12 degrees. This offers fans who sit in these sections a view of the middle of the diamond, minus the crick in the neck.

Our Reflections on the Game

Advice and reflections from the Glanville Team

Thoughts from James

Massive scoreboard/big screen Megatron – it is like 3X bigger than most. We actually went there twice because we were in Cleveland a day early and heard there was rain forecast for our ticketed day, so we bought cheap $6 tickets and sat under the Megatron in the bleachers the first night. The second night it rained right up until game time, and then the baseball gods said, “Play ball.” So we had our awesome first row seats by third base after all, and had a better experience. The hot dog smell wasn’t that good. Progressive Field was kind of a plain field with not too much going on. There are a lot of rules outside the park, but inside the stadium it is all baseball! The stadium was easy to get in and out of and within walking distance to hotels.James

Christie’s Thoughts

There is a very grand entrance, and it is an easy stadium to get in and out of. The field looks out to the Cleveland downtown skyline, and the government building is lit up in all sorts of colors that change throughout the game. It is very impressive. The entrance and the metalwork almost look like BIG toothbrushes. There are some nice places to eat within the ballpark, but the hot dog stands are not that great, and the hot dogs didn’t look all that good. They were selling them for one dollar, so…. I think you get what you pay for! We managed to find cool drinks and enjoyed both games at this stadium.Christie


Some snapshots from the game.

  • c
  • blimp
  • field
  • front
  • lights
  • nightsign
  • sign

Thank you for following along! Stay tuned, next we are heading to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to Citizens Bank Park, on August 2nd, 2016. See you after!

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